Hi, I am Katia and I do crafts

I have started this page to share my passion for embroidery, and other petty home crafts.
I am here to make cool custom t-shirts, and gifts in piece production and small batches.
When I'm not busy with crafts, I am designing my own embroidery and plotter templates for sale.

I can craft your ideas into reality with my

  • Embroidery machine

    Send me a high resulution image without too many details and I will make an iron/on patch for you.

    How to apply iron-on patches
  • Plotter

    There are countless of possibilities with the plotter. Send me your logo and I can turn it into stickers, wallstickers or high quality iron-on patches.

    How to apply an iron-on patch How to apply sticker or wallstickers
  • Laser Engraver

    Send me a black and white vector picture and I will turn it into a coaster, cuttingboard, notebook or any wooden object you may desire.

Examples of my work

Here is some inspiration to what I am making and what you can order from me


    Download embroidery templates in my Etsy store.

    Do you want to know more, or get a quote for a custom project?

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